Small Form Factor,

Tunable wideband solutions for high-performance edge Electronic Warfare applications

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MODULAR Form Factors For Any Challenge

Quarter-sized, Creditcard-sized and SOSA-Aligned 3U VPX Systems

Superior Detection

Wideband Spur-Free Dynamic Range

Low-sensitivity, tunable hardware to meet your mission needs. Hardware designed delivers consistent performance in lab or in flight.

Adaptable Hardware

RFSoC Ready

Turn-key system configurations that are ready to scale with any receiver module front-end. Using the RFSoC? Leverage Gen1 & Gen3 RFSoC Firmware builds to get testing in minutes.

Bring Your OWN TOOLs

Your development platform

Use the Catalyst Platform™ to develop your applications in C/C++, Python, Matlab/Simulink, HDL and more. Open interfaces for endless possibilities.

Catalyst User Interface (CUI)

Use the user interface to get going quickly
or deploy hardware in lab

Spectral Tuning

Search or stare at any band at any anytime. Roll your own drivers or use the Catalyst Platform™ SDK or FDK to design a band plan.

Model Based Design

Start integration ahead of time with
Matlab/Simulink models of Catalyst Hardware.




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